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Media Buying, Planning and Placement / International and Domestic

Unparalleled Experience in implementing worldwide media campaigns for many U.S. agencies.

Marston Webb’s international media professionals possess an unparalleled experience in planning and placing worldwide media for clients and agencies.

The agency is recognized as one of the top-five authorities on international media placement. Our three decades of experience in placing international media provides extensive working knowledge of U.S. and international marketing, specifically the media’s affect on executive audiences in conjunction with understanding cultural differences and business concerns in various markets.

More than simply recommending and providing our clients with domestic and international media schedules, we are able to provide a detailed evaluation of various forms of media - print, TV, radio, outdoor - and the markets they serve. We locate and recommend media that fits our clients objectives and their budgets. Buying media from a centralized base in the U.S., we are able to save our clients considerable time and expense.

Our exclusive database of over 1,500 publications provides the most up-to-date information on hundreds of newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, Internet and outdoor advertising organizations throughout the world. Our agency personnel maintain direct contact with the media on a daily basis.

Marston Webb provides the very latest research and demographics in order to contact the media and implement our clients' plans with a minimum of delay and providing the shortest turn around time.

Intertnational Press Release Distribution

Several of our clients who advertise overseas also use the Agency's international press release distribution services. We are able to create original releases or modify our clients copy and negotiate publication with selected overseas media using our extensive database of foreign business editors and reporters.

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